[FFmpeg-user] How to check if a youtube URL is valid before starting download?

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Fri Jul 9 19:54:30 EEST 2021

Carl Zwanzig (12021-07-09):
> In idiomatic English, it means to start with the simple, not with the complex.

Thank you very much.

> This sounds like one of those places where cobbling something together out
> of command line programs is an exercise in frustration and the time might be
> better spent on working with the source code and libraries to get something
> that does exactly what you want. Or at least reading the source code to see
> what messages come from where.

That would be trying to fly ;-)

I'd rather suggest getting a good book or course on Unix shell, file
descriptors, redirections, etc., and come back to FFmpeg once this
aspect of the issue is no longer a problem.

For example, anybody skilled enough can tell that the reason "... 2>&1 >
freezeoutput.txt" produces an empty file is that the order of the
redirections matters.


  Nicolas George
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