[FFmpeg-user] Click-activated Stream Recording

S. Helbig s.helbig at mailbox.org
Mon Jul 12 20:39:33 EEST 2021


I'm wondering if there is a way for FFMPEG to handle click-activates
streams. I'm just experimenting at the moment.

Youtube is a good example or this one here:

ffmpeg -loglevel debug  -hide_banner  -i
'http://ipcamlive.com/player/player.php?alias=leirvik' -y -f segment
-segment_time 3600 -segment_format mp4 -segment_atclocktime 1
-segment_wrap 3 -c copy /file/to/destination/recording/record-%03d.mp4

...returns: http://ipcamlive.com/player/player.php?alias=leirvik:
Invalid data found when processing input

I interpret this as the stream not being activated.
A look into the source code of this page shows:

var serverhost = 'http://g0.ipcamlive.com/';
var alias = 'leirvik';
var servicetype = 'P';
var available = 1;
var address = 'http://s2.ipcamlive.com/';
var streamid = '02tg9fofv4q6vwppj';
var token = 'IpfwLRbhwdUKsqiMXdrutvlC3tgKwjieqkHOlCJDiKw=';

...so it needs a token after the ID and I played with various URL
versions with this, no luck. Guess that's similar with blob streams.

Is there any way to make FFMPEG simulate the human click?

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