[FFmpeg-user] Modify i frame placement in videos

Jaeho Bang jaeho.bang at gmail.com
Thu Jul 15 11:59:24 EEST 2021

> I was wondering if there is a way in ffmpeg to convert I frames to P
frames. Why?

I work in the space of video analytics and basically I want to replace I
frames generated by the traditional encoder with frames my analytics engine
considers 'important'. These frames will be the primary focus in analyzing
the videos onward and as we all know decoding I frames is much faster
compared to decoding P frames.
I want to 'convert' originally chosen I frames to P frames because the
newly encoded video will be bloated in size if I end up keeping the
original set of I frames along with my new set of I frames. By the I->P
conversion there is the possibility that the newly encoded video
has smaller overall size.


On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 12:02 AM Nicolas George <george at nsup.org> wrote:

> Jaeho Bang (12021-07-14):
> > I was wondering if there is a way in ffmpeg to convert I frames to P
> frames.
> Why?
> > I would like to convert the I frame at 200 to a P frame, so as a result
> we
> > have 4 I frames.
> Why?
> While it makes sense to want an I-frame instead of a P-frame, because
> there are things you can do with an I-frame that you cannot with a
> P-frame, the symmetric does not apply: an I-frame is functionally a
> P-frame, just one that only has new blocks.
> So, before you ask how to do it, you need to explain, possibly to
> yourself, why you think you need to do it.
> Odds are you will realize your exact need is somewhat different.
> Regards,
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>   Nicolas George
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