[FFmpeg-user] Problem downloading ffprobe for Mac

Greg Edwards gedwards2 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 19 02:15:22 EEST 2021

Hi everyone, I'm a new ffmpeg user, only a few days. Apologies if this is a
dumb question.

I'm having trouble downloading the pre-built executable of ffprobe for
MacOS. I've got ffmpeg 4.4 ok.

I'm following the links from http://ffmpeg.org/download.html  which lead to
"Static builds for MacOS 64-bit" but the page is not responding.

The site "evermeet.cx" seems to be down, no response from

I found another repository of the FFmpeg binaries, and downloaded ffprobe
4.2.1 ok, but that's the latest they have. ffprobe 4.2.1 seems to work fine
and probably 4.4 has nothing extra I need, but would be good to get 4.4.


Any advice appreciated.

Best regards.

*Greg Edwards*

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