[FFmpeg-user] Increased latency from filter_complex

technik+ffmpeg at vistream.online technik+ffmpeg at vistream.online
Wed Jul 28 23:10:50 EEST 2021

Hi Paul,
thanks for your answer.

> 3 loudnorm calls and 2 dynaudnorm calls?
> for ducking there is sidechaincompress filter

We tried sidechain of course, but will try this again.
Our problem is, that the resulting audio from the sidechaincompress never reached the same quality. The audio from the primary channel also never got down to a level, where the secondary audio could be understood without problems.
If you have any parameters or tips how to achieve this, please share. Thank you.

But regarding the central difficulty, the increasing latency from - what we suspect serial instead of parallel processing of the audio channels - this does not help.
Or is sidechaincompress being handled differently?

Thank you for your time.


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