[FFmpeg-user] Increased latency from filter_complex

technik+ffmpeg at vistream.online technik+ffmpeg at vistream.online
Thu Jul 29 20:13:23 EEST 2021

Hi Paul,

thanks again for answering.

> Please show how you use sidechaincompress filter.

Basically we did what is mentioned here:


We too found no audible difference between ratio 1 and ratio 20.

But this all doesn't touch the initial question I contacted the mailing
list for.
We found that applying any ducking increased latency. by ~8 seconds and
for every additional audio track it added 8 seconds on top.

So it seems like the analyzing of the the audio tracks happens sequentially
at least for the filters we used.
What I wanted to know is, if there are ways to write those differently to
mitigate this problem.
In case of the sidechain filter, if this is handled sequentially too, the
problem would still be there, even if a sidechain might be less workload.

@all Anybody else knows how to do this in parallel instead?



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