[FFmpeg-user] Can FFmpeg change top-bottom smartphone balance? Example in link

Dan Baker danbaker915 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 03:13:45 EEST 2021

Dear FFmpeg Questions,

I haven't asked a question in a long time but OH my lord, this TikTok
changes the "balance" not left-right but top-bottom on my iPhone:


That's an instance, let me see if I can link the uninstantiated audio, the
abstract class of the TikTok if you wish:


Okay so here is metadata:

It is the song "Water Fountain" by Alec Benjamin.

How even - how do I introspect the audio of a TikTok?

And how did they make the sound come alternately from the earpiece and the

The iPhone doesn't respect right-left channels in MP3 except with
headphones, I think. This iPhone sadly does NOT get audio files from any
laptops or desktops.

What kind of black magic is this?

Does FFmpeg have a filter or support a container format where the channels
can be "mouth" and "ear" instead of R, L, right surround, left surround,
center, and I don't know if 7.1 has standardized channel names? "Right
surround" might not even be standard, I've seen "right rear".

Any clues would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,

Tushotts N. Arm
Google user.
Pronouns he/him
Blue with red skiers for BC-Talk

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