[FFmpeg-user] Recording mjpg IP-Cam Stream via http

S. Helbig s.helbig at mailbox.org
Sun Jun 20 15:01:29 EEST 2021


I've been trying to record an IP-cam stream (Foscam, mjpg) via http with

The stream URL looks like this:

So I created the string (w.o line wrap):
ffmpeg -i -loglevel debug

Some examples I saw are using -c copy and map 0 options as well but I
left this out since I defined source and destination clearly and this is
just a video, no audio.
segment_time and segment_format I also left out for now (I'd like
segments later though).

FFMPEG returns: "bash: /home/user/Videos/camera.mp4: No such file or

So I tried a random mjpg stream from the net (Insecam is a nice source
for this...):

Leading to:
ffmpeg copy -i -loglevel debug -hide_banner /home/user/Videos/camera.mp4

Returns: -loglevel: "No such file or directory" (the same with segment
options included, copy excluded).

What am I doing wrong here?

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