[FFmpeg-user] Getting issue in command prompt because of exceeded string limit

MANI PADDA paddastudy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 09:51:44 EEST 2021

how to get multiple inputs in FFmpeg using inp.txt file
here is original command :
ffmpeg -i sample.mp4 -i img0.png -i img1.png -i img2.png
[v2][3]overlay=x=20:y=20:enable='gt(t,3)'[v3]"         -map "[v3]"
-map 0:a  outa.mp4

but I tried to get inputs from *inp.txt (I have sent this file in
attachment)* here is that command :

ffmpeg -f concat -i inp.txt -filter_complex
[v2][3]overlay=x=20:y=20:enable='gt(t,3)'[v3]"  -map "[v3]" -map 0:a
but the above command is showing an error ::
*Invalid file index 0 in filtergraph description

I donot know how to give inputs by using input file

 I am attaching my inp.txt file.
the first input is of mp4 type and the rest are of .png

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file 'sample.mp4'
file 'img0.png'
file 'img1.png'
file 'img2.png'


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