[FFmpeg-user] 371MB Output file for 6:50 min?

S. Helbig s.helbig at mailbox.org
Sat Jun 26 21:16:42 EEST 2021


FFMPEG is creating an ever growing output file from a recorded IP cam
But the acual video is only about 7min.

My input command was:
ffmpeg -loglevel debug -timelimit 1.800 -hide_banner -i
'' -y
-segment_time 1.800 /path/to/destination/stream.mp4

There are a few issues with this:

FFMPEG doesn't exit after 1800sec/30min. '-timelimit 1.800' seems to be
ignored (I also tried '1800', same result.)

The video time in the output file does not correspond to 1800sec/30min
despite its size (371 MB this time). This may be due to the
segmentation, so when stopped manually, it may not have completed a segment.
But why is the output file growing then? '-segment_time' should limit
the size of this file = segment.
1800 seconds of .mp4 should correspond to a fixed maximum size...or not?


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