[FFmpeg-user] 4K Way to large to stream

rbarnes at njdevils.net rbarnes at njdevils.net
Tue Jun 29 20:30:47 EEST 2021

Rob Wrote:

>Is there a reason it needs to be preserved as '4K', specifically?  

I would like this to be the final storage of the Family video.  I record all my daughters and most of the family events in the highest quality I have access to.  I would like to preserve this for as long as humanly possible.  For her grandkids to see on the old fashioned TV's from way back in the 2030's....  😊

>Perhaps those watching are more interested in the content, and would be pleased to see it in 1080p or 720p , rather than potentially more data-hungry 4K.  

You are correct, I want to save everything in as close to original as possible for as long as possible, see above.

>I would suggest figuring out what the throughput is from whatever your origin (eg Plex server at home) is to whatever your endpoint is (eg grandma's player), and target output bitrate accordingly. I would also suggest leaving a bit >of overhead in that figure.

FIOS Fiber 1Gb Up/Down - Granny is 100Mb down and I believe 25Mb up

>You can operate ffmpeg on video segments shorter than the entire file time. This is a useful way of testing changes and creating previews.

Yes - I was testing on short 10 - 100 second samples.  After deciding on a script, I was not satisfied with the end result and wasted 2 days encoding.

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