[FFmpeg-user] Alternative to Dynamic Text

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Wed Nov 3 17:09:42 EET 2021

> I have tried to do what you have suggested. Somehow, it still cause
> ffmpeg to crash at the exact moment the file is being renamed.
> By the way, I am running in Windows environment. Not sure, if in
> Linux will this issue occurs.

It works fine for me but I'm on Linux.

If renaming doesn't work, have you tried copying the new file over the
top of the old one?

I'm not familiar enough with Windows to know how to atomically
overwrite a file.  But I searched Google and found this:


It suggests there is a Windows API function called MoveFileTransacted()
that you could use.

I'm surprised just opening the file in read-write mode, seeking to the
start, then writing your content doesn't work though.  You might get a
frame here or there with incomplete data but it won't cause ffmpeg to
exit with an error.


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