[FFmpeg-user] Lossless compression of 10bit grayscale images (stored as 16bit pngs)

Tom Vercauteren tom.vercauteren at m4x.org
Thu Nov 4 10:40:55 EET 2021

> > Apologies for cross-posting a question I initially posted on stackoverflow
> > (
> > https://stackoverflow.com/q/69739665/17261462) but having had no response
> > there I thought this mailing list may be a better place for it.
> >
> > I am trying to encode 10 bit images losslessly in a video format. The
> > images are stored as 16 bit png files (but only use 10 bit - currently the
> > least significant ones) and I have been working with ffmpeg to create and
> > read back the video files.
> >
> > My best attempt so far is based on
> > https://stackoverflow.com/a/66180140/17261462 but as mentioned there, I
> > get
> > some pixel intensity differences which may be due to rounding when
> > converting between 10 and 16 bit representation. I tried a few different
> > means (bit shifting, left bit replication, floating point based scaling)
> > but haven't yet figured out how to get a trully lossless reconstruction.
> >
> > Below is a small piece of python code to replicate my issue. I probably am
> > doing something wrong there so feedback would be appreciated.
> >
> >
> Upload input png somewhere?
> I guess that png files use only first 10bits from least significant bit.

Thanks Paul. The python snippet I provided was creating the png on the
flies but for convenience I am attaching here an example 16bit png
that uses all least significant 10bits. I also provide alternative
versions using either the 10 most significant bits, rescaling the
intensities with
or using left bit replication

For eae of use, here are also the ffmpeg commands in plain text and an
comparison with imagemagick so as to avoid the need for python.

ffmpeg -y -i gradient10bit-scaledto16bits.png -c:v libx265
-x265-params lossless=1 -pix_fmt gray10be

Decoding back to png:
ffmpeg -y -i gradient10bit-scaledto16bits.mkv -pix_fmt gray16be

magick compare -verbose -metric mae gradient10bit-scaledto16bits.png
recons-gradient10bit-scaledto16bits.png diff-scaledto16bits.png

Best wishes,
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