[FFmpeg-user] Information about using FFmpeg's vbr_hq (VBR High Quality)

Fabrizio Negro trykonasana at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 14:49:46 EET 2021

I recently started using FFmpeg to convert files.
Specifically I am trying to encode with FFmpeg in H264 - NVENC trying to
get the same export quality as Davinci Resolve that uses the NVIDIA encoder.
Unfortunately I'm not succeeding and I think it's because FFmpeg doesn't
accept -rc: v vbr_hq (VBR High Quality) but only -rc: v vbr (VBR).
I don't understand why since -rc: v vbr_hq falls under the H264 - NVENC
options of FFmpeg.
Can someone help me?
(I am a Windows user)

ffmpeg -c:v h264_nvenc -preset:v p7 -tune:v ull -profile:v high -rc:v vbr
-cq:v 1 -b:v 25000k -maxrate:v 25000k -bufsize:v 13000k

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