[FFmpeg-user] "ffplay rtsp..." issues (unrequested) "PAUSE"

Jaime enopatch at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 13:36:07 EET 2021


I'm using ffplay to playback an RTSP/RTP stream from a security
camera. All is good until I maximise the playback screen and then
*sometimes* the playback "pauses" with the following debug output:

[rtsp @ 0x7f74a4000bc0] method PAUSE failed: 551 Option not supported

I am not pressing the pause button, so I assume that ffplay is doing
this "automagically". Also, this does not happen every
time/consistently - it occurs approximately once every 4 times that I
maximise the playback window. Does anyone know whether this is by
design (or a bug), and whether this "feature" can be disabled?

(FYI, I'm using ffplay version 4.3.2-0+deb11u2 on x11/bspwm on debian
stable, and I have attempted to attach an ffplay-report-log to this

TIA, Jaime
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