[FFmpeg-user] Control sws_scaler automatic range and matrix conversion

Steinar Apalnes steipal at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 17:09:53 EET 2021


Using the ffmpeg executable I'm trying to control how the sws_scaler
behaves when applying the "scale" filter.
Basically I need to turn off any automatic range and matrix conversion.
This can seemingly be accomplished by explicitly setting the same input and

in_color_matrix = 'bt709':out_color_matrix = 'bt709':in_range =
'pc':out_range = 'pc'

However, my filter chains can be very long and complex with several scalers
to reach my final goal. If I don't specify any range/matrix at all the
automation kicks in. So ideally I would like to avoid that by setting some
global parameter, if that is possible.

Any insight is appreciated! :-)


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