[FFmpeg-user] Can I set a "wait-timeout" for ffmpeg to not abort a stream download?

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 08:56:43 EET 2021

On Mon, 15 Nov 2021 04:35:50 +0000, Carl Zwanzig <cpz at tuunq.com> wrote:

>On 11/14/2021 8:27 PM, Adam Nielsen via ffmpeg-user wrote:
>> What protocol/URL are the streams you're using?
>That would be answered if the original post contained the complete command 

Here you go (even though I was asking for the existence of an ffmpeg argument to
tell it to wait out the set -t time rather than aborting if there is a pause in
the stream).
Actual URL domains obfuscated.

ffmpeg -hide_banner -referer "https://wwwwwwwww.com/yyyy.html" -i
-vf scale=w=-4:h=480 -c:v libx264 -preset fast -crf 26 -c:a copy -t 7680

The referer and i arguments have been dug out of the webpage using another
script (based on earlier advice here) and it works fine normally, but for the
aborts that do not happen on every download. Only about every 3rd is affected.
So the referer and i arguments are in essence OK.

Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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