[FFmpeg-user] media play too fast

Bart Coninckx info at bitsandtricks.com
Thu Nov 18 04:03:59 EET 2021


not sure when, why and how it changed, but at a certain moment video and mp3 files started to run faster than usual (witch chipmunk like speech). I have a Radeon RX550 card which I use for HDMI output. The OS is Xubuntu 20.04 runni18ng Kodi 18. The problem is however not limited to Kodi, other media players show the same problem, like Mplayer. 

In the Kodi logfiles I can see that their player uses FFMpeg, so I'm wondering if the problem lies there.

Been looking for a solution for days. Anyone any ideas?



Met Vriendelijke Groet,
Kind Regards,
Bart Coninckx

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