[FFmpeg-user] extracting captions from .m3u8 link to .txt file

Breeze, Alexander Peter Alexander.Breeze at parl.gc.ca
Tue Nov 30 19:19:16 EET 2021

Hello, I am trying to take a .m3u8 link
and extract the captions into one .txt file (or similar plaintext)

the closest I have come is
ffmpeg -i <link.m3u8> -an -vn -c:s copy -f rawvideo -map 0:2 sub.txt
but the output to said file is just a series of dates/times, about 2 per second of video so I assume it is the time of the captions being said, just not the captions themselves
It also takes a while to output, as it is in chunks of 256Kb
Any advice would be appreciated, if I need a macro to loop through the .ts files somehow that would be acceptable too

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