[FFmpeg-user] How to set V4L2 M2M codec options like bitrate

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Fri Oct 1 18:19:11 EEST 2021

Hi Andriy,

> > Unfortunately the most important option I need to change is the
> > "repeat_sequence_header" control, which I need to set to 1 as the
> > default of 0 means if you miss the initial frame of the video, you can
> > never join the stream mid-way through, as ffplay just produces heaps of
> > "non-existing PPS 0 referenced" messages and never opens the video
> > window.
> >
> > Does this option have an equivalent to set on the ffmpeg command line,
> > now v4l2-ctl will no longer work?  
> Not yet.
> Can you test the attached patch, please? It will init the
> repeat_sequence_header option to 1.

My apologies for the delay responding - it took me longer than I
expected to get ffmpeg building on my Pi.

I have now tested your patch and I can confirm that this does indeed fix
the problem and get things working for me!

Is this the sort of thing that can be merged into the official release,
so that I don't have to maintain a custom ffmpeg build?

Many thanks for your help with this!


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