[FFmpeg-user] Convert srt Subtitle file into ttml subtitle

Christian Ebert bcc at phloxic.productions
Wed Oct 6 18:54:56 EEST 2021

* R J on Tuesday, October 05, 2021 at 16:05:16 +0530:
> I want to convert a .srt file into ttml file.
> I tried using below command.
> ffmpeg -i my_srt.srt -y srt-to-ttml.xml -v verbose

How is ffmpeg supposed to know to which format you intend to 


ffmpeg -i my_srt.srt -f ttml srt-to-ttml.xml


ffmpeg -i my_srt.srt srt-to-ttml.ttml

Szenen aus Georg Büchners Woyzeck
(1986, schwarz-weiß, 15 Min.)

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