[FFmpeg-user] Problem with console log

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Fri Sep 3 15:08:13 EEST 2021

> So there isn’t a way to repair the master file? I know it's a 2008 MiniDV
> captured. So it's old.

Possibly there was some issue (e.g. dirty tape heads) when the camera
recorded it so there's probably not much you can do to fix it.

> I need to use the master file with other editing applications. 😩

Assuming the other applications can't use it as-is, probably your only
option would be to re-encode it with ffmpeg, as it appears to handle
it.  This will cause some quality loss, but if you use an extremely
high bit rate it won't be too noticeable.  Once you've edited it in your
other application you can use a normal bit rate again when you encode
the final output video.


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