[FFmpeg-user] .tmp file during mpeg-dash streaming

Ivan Shilo sunduk.com at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 11:30:12 EEST 2021

Is there a way to avoid creating .tmp file for the latest video segment
while using mpeg-dash low latency streaming?
>From code review that I did, I found no possibility.
It is unfortunate since cmaf approach of serving files allows partial
access to not yet finished file on chunk level basis.
Ffmpeg by default creates file with .tmp extension and then renames it. It
kills the idea of cmaf and introduces unavoidable latency of the one
segment length which is usually at least 2 seconds length.
I saw people commenting out this tmp file behavior in the source code and
recompile. This is not a long term approach.
Can this be an optional switch if -ldash is defined?


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