[FFmpeg-user] Question on radio streaming

Tim Lloyd tim.lloyd at gmx.com
Mon Sep 13 12:05:21 EEST 2021

Hi, Thanks for letting me join this mailing list. First post and my
knowledge of ffmpeg is basic at best.

I want to rip a radio stream and I can achieve this simply with

/ffmpeg -i http://orion.shoutca.st:8726/stream -t 00:10:00 nova.mp3/

This gives me a file which is 96 kb/s

However this site alludes to 320kb/s


This command

/ffmpeg -i http://orion.shoutca.st:8726/stream -b:a 320k -t 00:10:00

returns a 320 kb/s download but then I told it to do this. Maybe if I
set 1024 kb/s it would do this also but it doesn't mean to say I am
getting a better quality download!

I guess the question is...can I ask ffmpeg to return the best quality



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