[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg 32 bit unsigned integer

Christian F frchristian at gmx.de
Sun Apr 3 15:05:26 EEST 2022


According to the OpenEXR file specification
(https://www.openexr.com/documentation/openexrfilelayout.pdf or
https://openexr.readthedocs.io/en/latest/) it also supports 32 bit
unsigned integer per pixel and an arbitrary amount of channels. I cannot
find a 32 bit integer pixel format in ffmpeg and this
looks like ffmpeg wants 32 bit floats for openexr and even in rgba
format (if I understand the specification correctly OpenEXR can have one
channel per pixel too). Is it still possible to write one 32 bit integer
channel to openexr using ffmpeg or is this not possible? And if it is
not possible, can it please be added  so that it adheres fully to the
specs of EXR?

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