[FFmpeg-user] Audio file question.

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Mon Apr 4 10:04:57 EEST 2022

Am 04.04.2022 um 00:13 schrieb Hwaen Ch'uqi:
> Greetings,
> I preface this question by acknowledging that I know nothing of the
> technical jargon of what I am about to describe. When I listen to a
> certain mp3 file with headphones, there is an extremely annoying sound
> coming from the right ear only. It persists throughout the entire
> file. Is there any way of removing that sound with ffmpeg?

You could use the left channel of the input file for both channels of 
the output file:

ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -af "channelmap=0|0" -y output.mp3


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