[FFmpeg-user] How can I extract m3u8 URL for use with ffmpeg on this site?

Bo Berglund bo.berglund at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 19:48:06 EEST 2022

I have found an on-line site where they offer viewiong in real time of various
news channels. However, I need to record the streaming video nightly so I can
view USA nightly shows the following morning.

I have started similar threads like this specificly targeting MSNBC news shows
and I have that running.

But now I want to get hold of the m3u8 URL on this site, which plays NBC news:

I have used Firefox to view the video on this page and then hit F12 yo get to a
"debug" pane where there is continuouly scrolling data.
Among the lines there I sometimes see one ending in .m3u8 so I try to click it
and then right click and "CopyURL".
This gets me an URL that is pretty long as shown below.
Right now this works as the m3u8 for this site, but I am wondering if there is
another way to get at it like some automated script or such that can grab it
when given the base URL above?
That would be a boon for refreshing once it expoires.

Or is there only the browser + F12 use that ia available?

Another example page on the same site going through the same procedure:

F12 and copy m3u8 URL gives this much shorter:


Bo Berglund
Developer in Sweden

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