[FFmpeg-user] Announcing an AppleScript to help Mac users apply ffmpeg-normalize to a folder of files.

llee040 llee040 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Apr 16 23:47:17 EEST 2022

I recently saw some discussion about ffmpeg-normalize (https://github.com/slhck/ffmpeg-normalize <https://github.com/slhck/ffmpeg-normalize>) on this list. Included below is a link to the source for an AppleScript I wrote to help Mac users apply a single ffmpeg-normalize process to a folder of source files. The output folder for the command is created inside the source target folder. The target folder can be selected by running the AppleScript from a Script Editor window, or by saving the AppleScript as an application using Script Editor and dropping the folder onto the application’s file icon on a Mac running recent versions of the macOS. I’ve tested it under the current macOS, Monterey 12.3.1.

Working knowledge of ffmpeg-normalize is necessary to customize the script for successful use, but the AppleScript provides a shortcut for input and output logistics, and simplifies setting process parameters to some extent. The AppleScript is completely open source and free, of course. More information and the AppleScript is available at the site linked below:

https://prehensileblog.wordpress.com/2022/04/15/create-an-applescript-application-to-drop-or-open-a-folder-of-files-in-ffmpeg-normalize/ <https://prehensileblog.wordpress.com/2022/04/15/create-an-applescript-application-to-drop-or-open-a-folder-of-files-in-ffmpeg-normalize/>


L. Lee

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