[FFmpeg-user] Large Sized output files recieved while encoding the audio

Bouke / Videotoolshed bouke at videotoolshed.com
Wed Apr 20 20:37:04 EEST 2022

> On 20 Apr 2022, at 19:30, Shubham Tiwari <shubham.tiwari at observe.ai> wrote:
> Please accept my apology for putting a large size msg. I appreciate all the
> help received.
> I have another example with similar behavior. The exact commands used are
> below. The detailed output is attached in this email.
> *command 1*: ffmpeg -i call.wav -af
> "volume=enable='between(t,0,1)':volume=0" output.wav
> *behaviour: *executed within a second, input file size 2.1 mb, output file
> size 176 mb
> *command 2*: ffmpeg -i call.wav -af
> "volume=enable='between(t,0,1)':volume=0" output.mp3
> *behaviour: *executed time approx 40 seconds, input file size 2.1 mb,
> output file size 15 mb

You do not specify what kind of output file size you want, so yes, it will be ‘as it is’.
Having a .wav extension on your input DOES NOT mean your input is uncompressed Wave PCM. (Wave Can be compressed, in your case, you have OGG compression with a .wav extension.)

What do you expect / why are you doing this? The quality of your file will NOT get better, nor will the file size get significant down if you process it.

Concerning your lack of knowledge, the only thing you can accomplish is making things worse.


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