[FFmpeg-user] Does "cat" degrade video quality?

Dan Harkless ffmpeg at harkless.org
Sat Dec 3 16:19:27 EET 2022

On 12/3/2022 6:03 AM, MyCraigs List via ffmpeg-user wrote:
>   makeMkV is working pretty well.  It certainly is going to save a lot of time in taking the old DVDs and separating them into titles.
> I've been suspicious of the name Matroska as I thought it was a format not worth considering.

Because it's a Russian name, and you were thus worried about possible 
connections to the Russian government?  No, it's an open format, meaning 
"(nested) Russian doll", alluding to its flexibility as a container 
format, and it's supported by a non-profit organization in France.  It's 
gradually overtaking .mp4 for storing AVC and HEVC videos, due to this 
flexibility, and because it's not patent-encumbered like .mp4.

If it bothered you, you could always use ffmpeg after MakeMKV to 
repackage your MPEG-2 MKVs into .mpg files without quality loss, since 
your DVD home videos presumably don't need to take advantage of the more 
flexible container.

Dan Harkless

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