[FFmpeg-user] Help for better video contrast.

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at CoSoCo.de
Wed Dec 21 01:34:28 EET 2022


With this command I tried to enhance a short video:
ffmpeg -i NET\ Villa\ Burgen.mp4 -vf atadenoise,histeq=0.1:0.11:strong -c:a copy -movflags +faststart NET\ Villa\ Burgen_3.mp4
(using ffmpeg version 5.1.2-0ubuntu1~22.04.sav1.1)

It helps a lot for the first 2 minutes, but from there in the dark staircase the result becomes very ugly.

Does anyone have an idea for a better history / contrast filtering?

Original: http://www.JUGKoeln.de/Projects/ffmpeg/NET%20Villa%20Burgen.mp4
Result: http://www.JUGKoeln.de/Projects/ffmpeg/NET%20Villa%20Burgen_3.mp4

The 2nd result video doesn't play in firefox, but if downloaded first, it plays without problems with VLC Media Player.
Any clue, what the cause is?


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