[FFmpeg-user] could we hope for a Google Magritte based FFmpeg filter ?

hydra3333 at gmail.com hydra3333 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 01:41:31 EET 2022

I just saw this about Google Magritte

"Magritte is an image redaction library to disguise the identity of persons in photos and video streams."
"Google announced its machine learning tool called Magritte was going open source. According to information sent to Gizmodo, the
tool detects objects inside images or video and automatically applies blur when they appear on screen. Google mentioned the object
does not matter, and blur can be applied to, for example, licence plates or tattoos. "


Do you think it's possible some kind community-minded soul would be motivated
enough to develop a Google Magritte based FFmpeg filter ?

Or, perhaps, it would be somehow embedded into FFmpeg (which seems unlikely) ?

Late Edit: oh, I just noticed it needs mediapipe and OpenCV and 
"often needs certain files available at runtime (e.g., face detection models)"
so I guess the answer is no.


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