[FFmpeg-user] Changing scan type (progressive<->interlaced) without reencoding.

Steinar Apalnes steipal at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 15:18:20 EET 2022

> > >Most notably content that has progressive video but stored interlaced.
> > "encoded" rather than "stored", but yes, it is indeed very commonplace.
> > Nevertheless, be very very carefull, it is also very very commonplace to
> > have interlaced branding/finishing on progressive content, so it can end
> up
> > with  1 hours of pure progressive content with 3x period of 10s where an
> > interlaced title appear or disappear in a corner... This is why
> > deinterlacing filters are both so useful and so tricky.
> >
> >
> IIRC there was/are some bitstream filters that can change stored flags  at
> bitstream level.

 Yes but none that can currently manipulate the scan type of the video.
It's not 100% clear to me if it's at all possible or not but currently
there does not seem to be a simple fix to the problem without
re-encoding....unless some smart developer says otherwise.


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