[FFmpeg-user] ERROR: libvmaf >= 2.0.0 not found using pkg-config

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Thu Feb 3 17:19:41 EET 2022

On Thu, Feb 03, 2022 at 21:07:08 +0900, 桃源老師 wrote:
> I experienced funny ffmpeg compille error "ERROR: libvmaf >= 2.0.0 not found using pkg-config".  The reason why I feel funny is that ffmpeg commit of "06a54a4ec73ea6eb8cec41b7af75367bafb075e0(Date: Sat Jan 22 10:32:34 2022 +0100)" can configure and make correctly, but current git head can't configure.  I suppose something wrong was happened after 2022/01/22.
> I'm trying to build ffmpeg on macOS 12.2.

So, what's your actual version of libvmaf? Because _after_ commit
06a54a4ec73ea6eb8cec41b7af75367bafb075e0, the requirement was increased
to 2.0.0.

If you're using git anyway, you could do a "git bisect".

> /var/folders/1d/qk_hczkn68xfv_7gdbkmhwx40000gn/T//ffconf.DmkkrFIx/test.c:3:44: error: use of undeclared identifier 'vmaf_init'
> long check_vmaf_init(void) { return (long) vmaf_init; }

It seems to me that vmaf_init() had existed before, so I'm not sure why
this would happen.


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