[FFmpeg-user] Get sample rate in mp3 files

Kieran O Leary kieran.o.leary at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 17:52:54 EET 2022


On Mon, Feb 7, 2022 at 3:22 PM Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net> wrote:

> Am 07.02.22 um 14:55 schrieb CMG DiGiTaL:
> > ok, but the sample rate information is in :
> > Stream #0:0: Audio: mp3, 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 320 kb/s
> >
> > What happens is that I don't know which command I use to compare only the
> > sample rate that is in the audio stream and manage to filter
> > the audio with only 48000 khz to another folder. That is, what command
> do I
> > use to read only the sample rate 48000 khz and be able to select it??
> well, use some scripting labuage like PHP, call ffmpeg and decide by
> if(strpos($ffmpeg_output, ', 48000 Hz,') !== FALSE)
He is using windows BAT, which isn't super advanced but it looks like the
IF statements there will do the trick?

> and do yourself a favor and forget the stupid idea "copy them to another
> folder where I will change from
> 48000 khz to 44100 khz"
Is this kind of talk against the code of conduct? I don't think you need to
blast somebody's needs as 'stupid', we don't know the use case here. (Sorry
if cc'ing you JB is against etiquette, I just wanted to flag this message)

> one simply don't encode a lossy codec again

I don't think that this is helpful either. FFmpeg allows this to be done,
and sometimes people do this for a variety of reasons. We don't know the
use case here.



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