[FFmpeg-user] linear loudnorm

Bouke / edit 'B bouke at editb.nl
Sun Feb 27 13:57:05 EET 2022

>> I'm trying to nomalize an audio file with FFmpeg. I'm using the loudnorm
>> filter. The source loudness is -23 LUFS and I want to make it -17 LUFS.
>> As far as I know, loudnorm has 2 modes of normalizing audio: linear and

>> 2. Encode the audio with:
>> ffmpeg -i input.wav -filter:a
>> loudnorm=I=-17:TP=-1:LRA=9:measured_I=-22.72:measured_TP=-2.67:measured_LRA=6.10:measured_thresh=-33.31:offset=-0.05:linear=true:print_format=summary

Why not just add 6 dB to the input?

That ’should’ do the trick just fine imho. (As one LU should correspond with 1 dB)


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