[FFmpeg-user] Removing parts of a video using the select filter

Stephen Liu satimis at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 9 13:37:43 EET 2022

I run following command on Terminal to trim a section of the video (for VCD video):-
$ ffmpeg -i imput.VOB -target pal-vcd -ss 00:02:10 -to 00:03:18 -c:v copy -c:a copy output.VOB

-ss starting time (hrs:min:sec)
-to stop time (hrs:min:sec)

This command line works for me seamlessly.


    On Sunday, January 9, 2022, 06:43:39 PM GMT+8, MacFH - C E Macfarlane - News <news at macfh.co.uk> wrote:  
 On 08/01/2022 23:43, amindfv--- via ffmpeg-user wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 08, 2022 at 08:20:46PM +0000, MacFH - C E Macfarlane - News wrote:
>> To select parts of a video, I use ...
>> FFMPEG -ss <start-time> -i <input> -codec copy -to <end> <output>
>> ... however it's tedious, because with this method the video will only break
>> at certain points between compression units (can't remember the proper
>> terminology), and it can take some experimentation to find the precise
>> timing of these to get the audio right as well, and often, because of the
>> way the compression works, the first extracted frame is often an unwanted
>> last frame of a previous scene.
>> I have long lamented that FFMPEG doesn't make this both easier and to allow
>> greater resolution, if necessary recreating the start and end compression
>> units to get the exact timing wanted.
> If you get rid of the "-codec copy" you can have any precision you'd like.

But the entire video will be re-encoded, which is undesirable because, 
as the codecs use lossy compression, there will be further degradation 
of the entire video clip just gain some precision at each end.
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