[FFmpeg-user] Can MJPEG be live streamed without transcoding?

Adam Nielsen a.nielsen at shikadi.net
Sun Jan 9 15:45:35 EET 2022

> >   [mpegts @ 0x6725d0] Stream 0, codec mjpeg, is muxed as a private data
> >   stream and may not be recognized upon reading.  
> You cannot mux random data into mpegts, this is not a limitation of FFmpeg.
> A small change to the FFmpeg source code probably makes possible what
> you want, but since the resulting stream does not conform to any
> specification, the developers will not do it.

It doesn't have to be MPEG-TS, the only thing receiving this stream
will be another FFmpeg instance, so it doesn't worry me whether it
conforms to any standards or not, all I need is something FFmpeg can
send to itself over UDP.

Since FFmpeg can read raw compressed video from a file in a number of
different codecs, I assumed it could do the same via UDP, but perhaps


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