[FFmpeg-user] Looking for a collaboration with a ffmpeg dev

Nicolas Autokroma nicolas at autokroma.com
Mon Jan 10 13:26:05 EET 2022


I would need to solve some issues I have with ffmpeg. I'm a developer 
also, but I don't have enough skills/experience/time to fix those issues 

I already opened a ticket (https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/9556) and I'm 
looking now someone who could have the experience/knowledge to implement 
a fix. We could agree on a price for that task and so it would be paid.

More than for this issue, I'm looking for someone which could solve 
other issues I could get in the future (I already have some bugs not 
reported yet in ffmpeg tickets), so we would keep in touch.

Please contact me personally at this address if you are interested 
(nicolas at autokroma.com).

Note : sorry if that mail is not appropriate on this mailing, I didn't 
find a better place to ask for such demand.



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