[FFmpeg-user] Of ffmeg user interest: NASA UHD program re-streaming

Anton Kapela tkapela at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 04:13:29 EET 2022

> Almost bought a V8X for the SAT>IP function, good to know all these issues.

Let it be known, while it does "work," it's really pretty OK for
single-display-at-a-time sorts of traditional sat tuner uses. The DVR
functions are actually OK, too. That it did any SAT>IP stuff in previous
firmware revs (and still retains and HTTP stuff on :81) is pretty cool.
What's really annoying is they *still advertise* SAT>IP functionality for
this device. Absolutely untrue in its current state.

> Did you have some DVB-S USB/PCI tuner? Could work better than the V8X and
> way more flexible. (Although the Harmonic seems to be a more definitive
> solution)

I did contemplate trying to get some flavor of next-day shipment of TBS's
USB DVB-S tuner, but was able to get this V8X box working sooner than that
could have arrived. It wasn't terribly straightforward, though. After an
exasperating few days scouring their (GTMEDIA/freesat.cn) forums, I finally
happened to stumble upon a few posts mentioning 'playlists' and folks
talking about using 'vlc player' with the V8X. The rest was merely
connecting the dots back to the playlist exporting function and conjuring a
URL format that worked for the PIDs needed. Just, sigh.


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