[FFmpeg-user] An object oriented video notation

Mark Filipak (ffmpeg) markfilipak at bog.us
Mon Jan 31 06:03:48 EET 2022

During the past year, I've developed a set of true stream primitives that are object oriented 
(frames, pictures, ...), plus a notation to describe encodings and "mechanical" manipulations that 
are useful and that are fairly easy to read and understand. Can the notation be used as a frontend 
to FFmpeg? I don't know ...maybe.

I have written 11 HTML documents to introduce the notation and to present some novel use-cases.

  1, Preface (8 KiB)
  2, Teasers (20 KiB)
  3, Enhanced Terminology (25 KiB)
  4, Reference (19 KiB)
  5, Encoding Of DVD & Bluray Content (18 KiB)
  6, About Audio (9 KiB)
  7, Recovering The Camera Shots (3 KiB)
  8, Basic Primitives (21 KiB)
  9, Pulldown Primitives (14 KiB)
10, Advanced Interpolations (12 KiB)
11, Seen In The Wild (11 KiB)

Writing the docs took a long time and lot of work. Is there any appetite here for them?


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