[FFmpeg-user] Raw video conversion

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Wed Jul 13 00:06:44 EEST 2022

Stop top-posting.

On 7/12/2022 4:01 AM, Naveen.B wrote:
> I cross checked, the pixel format is RAW10, they are using the YUY2 as the
> wrapper.
"raw10" isn't really a format

> The make of the camera is omnivision and the model is OV2311.
(And the doc on that is sketchy/minimal)

> I tried editing the command with RAW10 and it states no such pixel format,

because it doesn't exist. Try gray10be or gray10le ("ffmpeg -pix_fmts" will 
show you all the formats supported; those two are the only 10 bit 1 
component formats).

BTW, it appears that video4linux supports that camera.


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