[FFmpeg-user] Clarification for decoding AV1 input on the GPU

Mario Roy marioeroy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 17:44:44 EEST 2022


What are the recommended arguments for folks using NVIDIA 3000 series
graphics and decoding AV1 media? I tried the same with VP9 media.

The following was done using FFmpeg 5.1.

ffmpeg -y -hwaccel vdpau -c:v av1_cuvid -i input_av1.mp4 output.ts   segfaults
ffmpeg -y -hwaccel vdpau -c:v vp9_cuvid -i input_vp9.webm output.ts  segfaults

ffmpeg -y -hwaccel vdpau -i input_av1.mp4 output.ts   decodes on the CPU
ffmpeg -y -hwaccel vdpau -i input_vp9.webm output.ts  decodes on the GPU

ffmpeg -y -hwaccel nvdec -c:v av1_cuvid -i input_av1.mp4 output.ts
ffmpeg -y -hwaccel nvdec -c:v vp9_cuvid -i input_vp9.webm output.ts

ffmpeg -y -c:v av1_cuvid -i input_av1.mp4 output.ts
ffmpeg -y -c:v vp9_cuvid -i input_vp9.webm output.ts


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