[FFmpeg-user] Multiple videos transformation

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Who are you ppl like I have something in my computer that allowed me to connect to this email chain are I hackers or a bussiness

On May 31, 2022, at 2:55 PM, Ricardo Guedes Tatagiba <ricardogt_at_outlook_com_mc9c71c4p645qd_61265606 at icloud.com> wrote:

Hi, thanks for the help in advance!

I'm not sure if the support process would be like this, I found the forum and everything there a little confusing, I'm sorry if I did something wrong

I was able to download a script to be able to modify the metadata and Hash of several video files in bulk, however, the code does not process all videos. Most he says he doesn't have a file or directory, however, they are all in the same folder, same directory and all in MP4.

Attached is the code in bat file and an image of the error that I managed to capture


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