[FFmpeg-user] Subtitle metadata not intercompatible by ffprobe

Robin van der Linden linden at venom.one
Fri Jun 10 00:59:46 EEST 2022


I'm using ffprobe to import video information into my database using 
python. In general, this process is working fine
but if I set a subtitle forced or SDH using "Subler" 
(https://subler.org/) I'm not able to later on check with ffprobe if a 
subtitle is set as SDH or is forced. No matter what information I set 
with Subler, the ffprobe output will always be:

  "disposition": {
                 "default": 0,
                 "dub": 0,
                 "original": 0,
                 "comment": 0,
                 "lyrics": 0,
                 "karaoke": 0,
                 "forced": 0,
                 "hearing_impaired": 0,
                 "visual_impaired": 0,
                 "clean_effects": 0,
                 "attached_pic": 1,
                 "timed_thumbnails": 0,
                 "captions": 0,
                 "descriptions": 0,
                 "metadata": 0,
                 "dependent": 0,
                 "still_image": 0

So basically the only information that really triggers is attached_pic, 
but the rest does not change at all, not matter what I set with Subler.
The funny thing is that VLC for example recognizes a subtitle as forced 
if I set it as forced using Subler. So I can assume that the Information 
is there, but stored differently so ffprobe can't read it properly. Is 
there any chance that this will be fixed or is there any workaround?
This is the cmd I fire:

"ffprobe -pretty -print_format json -export_all true -show_programs 
-show_streams -show_format -loglevel quiet -hide_banner 'path/to/file'"

Grüße / Kind regards,

Robin van der Linden
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