[FFmpeg-user] Stream to Amazon Kinesis Video Stream

Sebastian Wallkötter sebastian at wallkoetter.net
Tue May 3 06:55:52 EEST 2022

 Hello ffmpeg community, 

 Amazon offers a new-ish API called Kinesis Video Stream. It allows you to stream video to its services so that you can do video processing, video recognition, etc. I was wondering if FFmpeg directly supports streaming to Kinesis Video Stream, or if I have to write something myself. 

 Kinesis Video Stream accepts, as far as I can tell, individual segments of a Matroska (mkv) file which are sent/received using a RESTful API. The documentation of this is here https://docs.aws.amazon.com/kinesisvideostreams/latest/dg/API_dataplane_PutMedia.html . 
 Is this, perhaps, a standard streaming format that FFmpeg supports by a different name? If so, is somebody able to identify it or point me in the right direction? 

 Thanks a lot in advance :) 


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