[FFmpeg-user] Quality

Alan Clifford ffmpeg at clifford.ac
Mon May 23 21:55:53 EEST 2022

I purchased a camera for the garden which has since been returned as the 
wifi was very flakey and has been replaced with a better trail camera.  I 
took the videos off the sd card and there are one or two I want to keep.

The camera created time based directories and put files of type .media in 
the directories

For example, in 2022/04/18/1650242594_0034 there are 4 files, 0000.media, 
0010.media, 0020.media, 0030.media.

I have scripted a loop to to create .mp4 files, create a file list and 
then concatenate them so I could view the videos.  Then, for this example, 
as the camera was upside down, I've rotated the result.

The ffmpeg commands I've used are:

ffmpeg -i file.media file.mp4
ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i filelist.txt -c copy output.mp4
ffmpeg -i output.mp4 -vf "transpose=2,transpose=2" output_r.mp4

I am new to ffmpeg and would really like some help in preventing the 
quality of the videos being degraded between the original .media files and 
the final file.


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