[FFmpeg-user] PTS issues when scaling an mp4 generated from a concat of a DASH segments

christopher justin christopher.justin at gmail.com
Sat May 28 00:14:39 EEST 2022

I am trying to scale down an mp4 generated from concatenating a segmented
DASH init segment and its associated m4s segment. I want to
preserve timestamps, for the purpose of being able to play this segment
seamlessly from a player requesting an MPD.

Here is a simplified example where the m4s segment is 5 seconds:

ffmpeg -i 'concat:./init-stream0.m4s|./chunk-stream0-00008.m4s' -copyts
-acodec copy -an -filter_complex "[0:v]scale=-2:480[scaled]" -map
'[scaled]' out.mp4

What this produces is a 48-sec video with black frames from 0 to 43
seconds, and then the scaled video I expected as the last 5 seconds.
Timestamps are preserved (validated with ffprobe), but because the duration
embedded in the segment is 48 secs, ffmpeg wants the output segment to be
48 seconds in length.

I have tried numerous approaches, like trimming the black (which seems like
a hack):

ffmpeg -i 'concat:./init-stream0.m4s|./chunk-stream0-00008.m4s' -copyts
-acodec copy -c:a copy -filter_complex
"[0:v]scale=-2:480[scaled];[scaled]trim=start=0:duration=42[outv]" -map
'[outv]' out.mp4

Trimming does not seem to work when using copyts and scaling.

Is scaling and preserving timestamps on a single DASH segment not possible
with ffmpeg?

Thanks for any input.


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