[FFmpeg-user] encode to RAW video

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Tue Nov 1 17:57:21 EET 2022

(all attributions are missing in Naveen's response, please don't do that)

On 11/1/2022 3:00 AM, Naveen.B wrote:
>> What do you really want? Why this insistence on "raw" output, either as
>> an "encoding" or output file?  That's making life difficult and likely 
>> obscuring other issues.
> I am doing some compression analysis, So I need raw output.
Do you need raw _frames_ or _un-containerized_ output_? Big difference. It 
seems like a lot of the issues relate to the lack of understanding of the 

If you need analyze the _frames_, stick them uncompressed in a mkv or avi 
container/file; there are many libraries, including those in ffmpeg, to 
retrieve them for analysis.

If the container itself affects the analysis, then the analysis is not 
merely examining the frame compression.

On 11/1/2022 4:19 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> BTW: my response is a example how to write a mail with a useful quoting 
> instead seeking the single line of the reply like a needle
Exactly so.


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