[FFmpeg-user] encode to RAW video

Clay clay at 42streams.com
Wed Nov 2 16:53:47 EET 2022

> Clay via ffmpeg-user (12022-11-02):
>> Doesn't this serial ordering of the same command (-c:v xxxx) twice just
>> drive cpu workload up for no actual benefit? 
>> To clarify:  executing -c:v xxxx and then executing -c:v yyyy just
>> causes one output: yyyy.   Thus you are forcing the CPU to
>> decode:encode:decode:encode rather than just decode:encode.... can
>> someone confirm or correct me here?
> No, except for the ridiculously negligible CPU workload necessary to
> process the option itself.
Doesn't -c enable encoding or decoding (as well as the certainly trivial
'copy') of a stream, depending upon the choice and the existing stream's
codec?  Encoding is not a trivial workload :-)  Can you clarify that a
bit more? *I learn more from ffmpeg-user mail than my best efforts using
TheGoogle :-D
> ffmpeg does not have the infrastructure to make multiple decode-encode
> cycles, what you describe is not possible on top of being useless. What
> happens is just that the second -c:v option will override the first one.
This is great to know!

What you are saying is:  ffmpeg reads in the entire serial string of
commands/actions and, when duplicate commands/actions are identified,
programmatically uses the last entry. 

Is this the case with all commands?

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